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Добро пожаловать на Открытый форум г.Долгопрудный. Если Вы зашли сюда впервые, то возможно Вам понадобится прочитать помощь. Для того, чтобы использовать все возможности форума, Вам необходимо зарегистрироваться.Получить информацию о процессе регистрации Вы можете здесь. Если Вы уже зарегистрированы, то Вы можете войти на форум под своим именем.


You are currently viewing the help pages of {PAGE_TITLE}. The following help topics describe, in more detail, the possibilities this site has to offer.

1. Общие принципы

This website offers a clear, simple and concise usage concept, with the use of continued elements (buttons, menus and symbols) thus simplifiying the site usage and, simultaneously, provides a secure feeling whilst using this page. The usage...

2. Регистрация и вход на форум

To use all features you need to be registered. Then, depending on the site preferences, you will gain access to additional features. Most likely you can can write private messages, add members as friends or subscribe to certain threads.

3. Форум

In the following part you will get a short introduction into the most important features of the board, including the list of threads and posts as well as the text editor.

4. Calendar

Community Calendar the calendar system by WoltLab is comparable with well known desktop applications. The main advantage of Community Calendar is the feature, that members of the community can contribute at the calendar's events. The different...

5. Личные сообщения

Send a private message to other members of the board, this is a way to communicate privately. You will find similar functions to your E-Mail client. You will see all messages within the selected folder. By default, 10 messages per page will be...

6. Мой профиль

You can enter personal information, that can be seen by other members, within the menu My Profile. You can also set options concerning the site and manage your friends there. Moderators will find additional options for posts and threads there.

7. Поиск

There's usually a handy search field on the top of each page, which adapts its functions dynamically to the page you are currently browsing. When you're on the index page it will search the whole site, but when you enter more specific areas, ist...

8. Участники

All Members: This option will display all the current members of this site, sorted by default with the members posts. To extend the search, just below the -All Members- tab is an alphbetical list (a to z) to enable showing members of the...