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4. Calendar

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4. Calendar

Community Calendar the calendar system by WoltLab is comparable with well known desktop applications. The main advantage of Community Calendar is the feature, that members of the community can contribute at the calendar's events. The different parts of the calendar will be explained in the following.

4.1. Calendar management

Community Calendar offers the option to create a calendar for diverse purposes. This is comparable with categories to group events in. Thereby you can add a calendar for private events as well as a public calendar that you can share with other...

4.2. Add & edit calendar

Within calendar management you can pick any calendar for editing. You can also use the button beneath the calendar list to add a new calendar. A form will open up where you can specify the calendar values and settings. General Title Enter...

4.3. Event views

The events can be currently viewed in three different ways: The month view is the classic display of all events in a month grouped by days. The week view shows all events of a week, separated by days and timeframes. The events list contains all...

4.4. Add & edit events

The form to add or edit events can be very complex, depending on the chosen settings. At the beginning you will find the most important questions (what, where and when). Further settings can be found in the folded boxes. General Calendar...

4.5. Event details page

The page containing the event details will be opened if you have added a new event or have clicked on an event in an overview. It contains all information of this event. Event details (Contact) information of the host When has the...

4.6. Birthdays

The calendar system contains a birthday calendar by default. It shows the birthdays of all members of this community. You can see the age of these members in the parentheses. Communities that have many members will also have many birthdays on one...